What adoption has meant for me

While adoption can have many challenges, primarily it is very fulfilling and rewarding.  Here, some of our adoptive parents tell us what adoption has meant for them.

"Adopting through St Margaret's has been so much easier and quicker than we expected. Yesterday we arrived home with our 2 children, who we and our families feel are just the perfect match for us. We couldn't be happier. Our worker helped us so much through the matching and introduction periods, she was always there to support us. We've also had great support from previous St Margaret's adopters through the peer group training and from our prep group peers. This time last year we were a happy couple, but with something missing. Now with 2 little people curled up through the wall, we're a happy, fulfilled family looking forward to our future. If you're considering adoption we'd say, please join St Margaret's. Based on our experience we can't imagine you'd find anywhere better".

"We cannot begin to express our gratitude for the tireless work of your team. You really do have an exemplary team who are caring, understanding and ultimately professional in what they do. Our worker has offered help and support throughout the whole process and her visits have never felt intrusive. She always has time to listen and she is always able to offer advice. We will be eternally grateful to the team at St Margarets for their support and professionalism. Sadly we know there are many children in need of a new home, but all we can do is pray that there are more teams of people who match St Margarets ability and enthusiasm for the job they do in placing children with new families”.

St Margaret's Client,

“Working with St Margaret's has been a wonderful experience. They prepare you completely for adoption, giving you the realistic side of what you are taking on, but balance everything in a very positive way. You know that things can be tough, however, the staff at St Margaret's always remind you of how much this will be worth it.”

St Margaret's Client ,