Interested in Adoption

Where possible, the Law states that children should be raised within their birth families. Where this is not possible, children are placed for adoption.

While adoption is a means of meeting the wish for prospective adoptive to become parents, the needs of the child being placed for adoption will be paramount at all times.

Adoption can be very tiring, demanding and challenging.You will need endless love, energy and patience. But our adoptive parents repeatedly tell us that the challenges they face are soon replaced with the rewards and pleasure in seeing their child flourish and grown within their family.

“Adoption has given us the gift of a beautiful, wonderful family. It has become so much more to us than simply completing our family. It means our house is bursting at the seams with love for our fantastic little boy. Each day I look at him in wonderment that he is so happy and settled. Adoption for us became our way of building our family, but very quickly it became apparent that this child, our child, was born for us. I never imagined quite how much love I could have for a little person until we adopted”.

Mother of two year old boy

“This time last year we were a happy couple, but with something missing. Now with 2 little people curled up through the wall, we're a happy, fulfilled family looking forward to our future”.

Parents of 3 year old girl and 10 month old boy

“When our worker found our match we knew instinctively that they were going to be our kids! How excited we were! The children have transformed our lives and also that of our extended family. They are loved by all and bring great joy and happiness to us. We have just attended our Celebration Day so in the eyes of the law we are all now a family! We have however, felt like a family from the day we arrived home and we cannot begin to imagine life in any other way now”.

Parents of 5 year old boy and 4 year old girl

“Our worker seemed to have taken notice of who we are and found two of the most beautiful girls for us. It has been the most rewarding thing we have ever done. Initially it is hard as you are strangers to each other but now we are a family we cannot imagine our lives without our two happy healthy daughters”.

St Margaret's Client

“We are proud parents. Hate the tantrums. Love their character coming out, and how we have created a history together already. Frankly we are knackered every night, and high five each other when they are tucked up and the house is once more peaceful. Can't imagine life without them.”

Anna’s couple from prep groups

“Our life has been turned upside down in the best possible way. They are not just part of our family, they are family. It is far from easy and it can be challenging at times, but in all honesty, we cannot imagine our lives without our beautiful, funny and loving daughters. We wouldn’t change them for the world”.

Parents of 7 and 5 year old girls