Education Training


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Quite often children who are adopted have had poor experiences in their early childhood.  At the very least they are likely to have experienced a separation from their birth family and / or foster carers.  As a result, children can often find changes to their routines or transitions to new places difficult.

Making the transition to school is one of the biggest changes in early childhood.  It can be scary and confusing for any child, but particularly those who need their routine and structure to help them feel safe.  It can be a scary time for your child when they have to leave the home where they feel safe and enter a classroom environment.

  • How do they know they can trust the new teacher? 
  • How will you know where to come to collect them?
  • What if the Social Worker comes to take them from school again? 

Even the transitions that children make throughout the day, moving from the classroom to gym hall, going to the lunch hall or their teacher being off sick, can cause them some anxiety.

We recognise the anxieties that school can trigger for some children.  Quite often children will be given a lot of support to settle in primary 1 but we then forget how scary it may be to move to a new classroom with a new teacher when you move to primary 2, 3 4 etc, especially when there are added expectations that you will know how to behave and will now be working hard!

In order to support our adoptive families, we have recently developed a training workshop which we can deliver to teachers, helping them to understand the experiences of the adopted child and how best they can support them to settle in school.


Should you feel your child’s school would benefit from this service, please speak with your worker or contact the office.