On 21st December 1954 His Grace Archbishop Donald Campbell wrote to Father Thomas Meikleham, Chaplain to Notre Dame Training College.

He informed Father Meikleham that he had financial resources which he was allocating for the purpose of establishing St Margaret's Adoption Society, as he wished it to start on a sound footing.

The idea to start an Adoption Society was led by Mr Francis A Maguire - a Glasgow Solicitor - who, with others, recognised the need for such an organisation.  The Church considered this to be a work of charity and of great importance.

The Society was set up under the auspices of a benevolent/friendly society, the legal vehicle to operate charities, and approval was granted by the then Town Council. The constitution was relatively simple in stating that the business of the Society was to find homes for children and assist adoptive parents. The Trustees included the Archbishop of Glasgow and the Bishops of Motherwell, Paisley and Galloway, with support being provided from the Dioceses.

The premises at 274 Bath Street originally consisted of one flat which was provided by the Church and business commenced.

The Society, due to legislative changes, became a Limited Company on 16th July 1982.

The Society grew and a further flat at 274 Bath Street was donated by Archbishop Scanlon.

St Margaret's fundamental aim did not alter but the complexity and scope of it did.

Under the aegis of Cardinal Winning, in recognition of the changing support needs of families, it was decided that the Society should widen its scope and St Margaret's Children and Family Care Society was set up.  This has allowed the Society to offer further services and initiatives, strengthening the impact of St Margaret's on our community over the years.

Due to expansion it became necessary to secure larger premises and on 16th November 2013 our new St Margaret's Centre For The Family was opened by Archbishop Tartaglia at 26 Newton Place, Glasgow.

The outstanding feature of St Margaret's is that it has evolved in to a family of its own. Our annual "get togethers" demonstrate the wonderful spirit of family and the care for each other is heartening for all, especially for staff who bring a strong vocational dimension to what they do.

As a faith based Catholic Society it is through our work that we bear witness to what we undertake.