Services for adopted adults


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The effects of adoption are life changing and life-long. We look to provide a support service to anyone who has been adopted through St Margarets, regardless of how long ago this may have been.

Having been in existence since 1955, many of the people who have been adopted through St Margarets are now in adulthood.
For many, at the time they were adopted little information was given regarding their birth family or the reasons for their adoption. As an adopted adult you may have unanswered questions about your adoption.Certainly the recent increase in TV programmes related to adoption has caused many adopted people to become curious about their history. For some people this may be as simple as accessing their records and for others it may be a case of wishing to make contact with their birth family.

We offer a free and confidential service to all adults who have been adopted through St Margarets. We appreciate that taking this first step can be daunting and you may be unsure whether you wish to proceed. Please be assured that our staff will deal with your enquiry sensitively and confidentiality.At all stages you will be in control. We would never initiate any contact or release any information without your prior permission.

Should you be interested in finding out more about your adoption, one of our Social Workers will access your original file and provide a background report with any information contained within this. Every file will be different but information that may be accessed can include your birth name, names of your birth family members and their area of origin or the reasons why your birth parents placed you for adoption.

Once this report has been compiled, the Social Worker will meet with you to go over this information and answer any questions that you may have. Should you wish to consider initiating contact with your birth family, the Social Worker will also take steps to trace them. It is important to recognise that this can be a very emotional journey which is sometimes rewarding and sometimes disappointing. The Social Worker will help you to think through all of the possible scenarios that you may face, for example, you birth mother may no longer be alive or may not wish contact from you or you may find you have additional siblings that you were unaware of. Once you have considered this, it will be your decision whether or not you wish to try and make contact. Should you decide that you do wish to make contact, we would make the initial contact on your behalf and will support you through this process.

Should you be interested in finding out about our services for adopted adults please feel free to contact the office and speak with our duty worker who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can contact us here.

As well as your records held at St Margarets, you may also wish to consider accessing the legal documents held in relation to your adoption.  This can be done by contacting:

The National Records of Scotland Adoption Unit
Room 3
General Register House
2 Princes Street

Telephone: 0131 535 1355 or 1383 or 1376

Some adopted adults also wish to register on the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland. This is a register of adopted adults and birth parents who would welcome contact. You can find out more about the Adoption Contact Register by contacting:

21 Castle Street
Edinburgh , EH2 3DN

Telephone: 0131 225 6441