Support & Training

Here at St Margaret's we recognise the importance of on-going support at each and every step in your adoption journey.  We take pride in the support network that is available in our organisation, both from the staff team, in the social events that we organise and from the other adoptive parents.

We offer a range of supports at different stages, whether this be the opportunity to speak with other adoptive parents at the initial stage of your assessment, the opportunity to attend different training events, to meet other adoptive families at our peer support group or to attend our annual gathering.

While formal support will be offered for one year after your child is legally adopted, you will continue to be invited to our annual events, something that adopters find invaluable in helping their child to understand that there are many adopted children.

We very much have an open door policy at St Margarets and are always happy to offer support at a later time where this is needed.  Examples are perhaps when children start school and find the transition difficult.  Or when children grow older and begin to ask questions about their birth family or wish to access their records.

Regardless of the issue or how along ago your child was adopted, we are always happy to hear from you.

“St Margaret's provide every level of support. From organising social outings and occasions where you can meet other adoptive families, right the way to formal training sessions with highly experienced speakers”.

St Margaret's Client