Therapeutic Parenting

Adopted children need the same things as any other children, love, stability and lots of time, understanding, support and patience.  However, your adopted child will have had a different background and experience than they would have had if they had been born to you.

This means that you may sometimes need to adapt your parenting strategies to help them overcome these experiences.

For example, a star chart may not mean anything to a child who has low self-esteem and does not think they deserve rewards or time out strategies may increase the anxieties of a child who is scared of being rejected.  This is what we called Therapeutic Parenting.  In effect, you will learn to adjust your parenting strategies to fit your adopted child and ensure that they have the added nurturing they require.

Although it may sound very daunting, there are many strategies which can be used to help children settle in your family.  As well as the on-going support offered by your worker, we provide regular Therapeutic Parenting courses which many of our adoptive parents have enjoyed attending and found helpful at different times in their adoption journey.

If you have already adopted (no matter how long ago), and are interested in attending, then please speak to your Social Worker or contact the office.

Here are some of the comments we have received from adopters who have attended our Therapeutic Parenting training.

“The therapeutic parenting was so valuable as it focuses your mind on the best way to approach certain issues that are common with adopted children. By speaking to other adopters you feel reassured as everyone has the same nerves and concerns as you do and the end result makes it all worthwhile”.

St Margaret's Client

“The therapeutic parenting class was extremely helpful and reminded us of all the information from our group classes, it re-enforced the benefits for both the parent and child.”

St Margaret's Client

“It was good to hear from other parents about similar problems. Also educated on why we encounter certain problems”.

St Margaret's Client

“Good opportunity to hear other parents experiences and coping mechanisms.”

St Margaret's Client

“Very good refresher. It is always good to be kept up to date with current thinking”.

St Margaret's Client

Interesting and a refresher to everything we previously heard”.

John Smith