Training and fundraising co-ordinator

We are excited to have added some new posts to our team over the past few years.  We welcomed our Training and Development Coordinator.  One of their main roles is to develop the supports that we provide to children and families.  In recent years we have created a library, sensory room and a therapeutic play room, providing a bright and welcoming space for children who visit the office.

As part of the role they also organise any social events that we hold for our families. These include our Summer and Christmas gatherings as well as Summer outings, trips to soft play and family quizzes.  We also hope to involve adoptive families in our vital fundraising activities and in the coming year will be looking to hold a number of fundraising events.

We are keen for adoptive parents to become involved in the organising of our events. Should you be interested in taking part or becoming involved please contact Joanne via our contact page

Training and Development Coordinator is responsible for the following.

Our Annual Gathering takes place in the summer each year and provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate adoption. Our gathering starts with a service to celebrate adoption followed by a family fun day. Our Annual Gathering gives our adoptive families a chance to get together, with their children, in an informal setting. As well giving the chance to meet other families, the gathering is a useful point for talking to your child about adoption and helping them to understand that many other children are also adopted. Many of our families continue to attend the gathering for many years after their children are adopted. If you have adopted through St Margaret's and are interested in finding out about our Annual Gathering, please speak with your worker to contact our office.

“The annual gathering is such a lovely day in the summer time when everyone gets together to catch up. It is a fantastic time when you see the progress other people have made with their families. I'm looking forward to this summer's gathering to meet the other people who were in our prep group and meet their lovely new children”. 

Christmas is a very special time of year and each year we hold a Christmas Carol Service to which all of our families are invited. Like our Annual Gathering, this provides a wonderful opportunity for all of our adoptive families to come together and celebrate their new family. Like our Annual Gathering, families continue to attend the service for many years after their adoption order is granted.

We hold a resource library at St Margarets with resources relating to a number of topics, including attachment, helping your child to understand adoption, introducing your birth child to their new sibling or undertaking life-story work and many more. If you are interested in accessing our resource library please speak to your worker or contact the office and ask to speak with the duty worker.