In some circumstances, we may agree to undertake a block of sessions within the school setting.

Individual Theraplay®

Theraplay® is a type of play therapy that aims to promote positive attachment between child and care-giver. The worker, the child and the care-giver are involved in playing various Theraplay® games to help explore trust and improve relationships. The therapist facilitates this play and will eventually leave the play to allow the parent and child to continue this process at home

Theraplay® can help children and care-giver with the following issues:

  • Disrupted attachment
  • Poor attachment
  • Separation and loss
  • New caregiver

The outcomes of Theraplay® can include:

Improved relationship between child and caregiver

  • Deeper attachment
  • Greater understanding of feelings in relation to loss and separation
  • An increased sense of fun and joy within the relationship

Group Theraplay®

Group Theraplay® is based on mostly non-verbal interactions and is used with a small number of children. The group aims to DO positive social interactions rather than talk about positive social interactions.

Group Theraplay® can help children with the following issues:

Difficulties being able to empathise with others

  • Poor social interactions with others
  • Difficulties caring for themselves

The outcomes of attending a Theraplay® group can include:

Promoting a sense of belonging

  • Fostering a child’s self-esteem
  • Improving social relations
  • Adopting more empathy

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