Who are the children waiting for adoptive families?


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Adoption has changed significantly over the years.  Historically the majority of children were babies who were placed for adoption by their birth parents, often young unmarried mothers.  Today there are very few babies being placed for adoption.  We therefore do not assess families who only wish to consider a baby or particularly young child.

Throughout the UK there are thousands of children waiting to be adopted.  This includes children of all ages, genders, cultures and religions.  There are many children looking for a placement together with their siblings as well as many single children.  Some children may be affected by disability or have additional needs.

The majority of children are looking for an adoptive family as Social Work Services and the legal system have deemed that their birth families cannot provide them with the safety, protection and nurturing care that they need.  Some children may have been exposed to abuse or neglect.  They may have been living in birth families with a history of substance misuse, domestic violence or mental health difficulties or lived with parents who have simply not been equipped to meet their needs. Because of this, the children will be living in foster care prior to being adopted.

Children will often have very mixed feelings about adoption.  They may be feeling excited at the thought of meeting their new family, moving to a new home and all that this may entail.  At the same time they may feel confused or scared about what is happening or upset or angry at leaving their birth family or foster carers behind.   They may have had quite difficult times at home and may need some help to learn to trust the adults that are caring for them.

Every child’s background and needs will be different.  This is why we need adopters from all walks of life.  Should you decide that you wish to adopt, our preparation groups will help you understand the different experiences that children may have had and how best you, as an adoptive parent, can give them the love and stability they require to help them flourish.

Regardless of their background, every child has a birth family.  Our experience shows us how important it is that children are given age appropriate information regarding their birth family and the reasons why they have been placed for adoption.  As an adoptive parent it will be your role to help your child understand their background and adoption.

As you will see from reading through our information, there are many different aspects to adoption and it can seem like a daunting task.  However, it is also very rewarding and full-filling.  Adoption is life-long for everyone involved.  We will therefore ensure that support and advice is available at all stages of your adoption journey.