Thinking of having your baby adopted


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It can be a very difficult and emotional time when you are considering whether to place your baby for adoption. The implications of placing your baby for adoption are life-long, for yourself, for your baby and for your extended family. Once an Adoption Order has been made this cannot be reversed. It is therefore essential that you seek advice in considering whether to place your baby for adoption.

Here at St Margaret’s we provide a free and independent service to help you consider the different options in relation to your baby. Your enquiry will be treated in the strictest confidence, unless we feel that a child or vulnerable adult may be placed at risk.

We offer a sensitive and non-judgemental service. We will seek to help you to consider the many different options available to you. We will help you to explore the life-long implications of placing your baby for adoption and different feelings that you may have around this.

Every person is different. For some birth parents this service helps them to realise that they do in fact have the skills and resources to care for their baby. They may be supported to access alternative services that will assist them in becoming a parent. For other birth parents, the service helps them to make the decision that adoption is definitely the best option for them and their baby.

The focus of our service is to assist you, the birth parent, to think through the different options open to you and make what you feel is the best decision for both you and your baby. We would never seek to influence your decision. Regardless of your decision, our workers will provide their support and respect your decision at all times.

Should you wish to find out more about our services for parents considering placing their baby for adoption, please contact the office and ask to speak to our Duty Worker who will answer any questions you may have.